Testimonial I have suffered from ongoing muscular discomfort in my neck and shoulders due to my work. Christina’s massage was both relaxing and invigorating. That Christina also practices energy healing (Reiki), made the experience all the more powerful. She is generous with her energy and I was open to receiving it. I felt the circulation rush through me when the treatment was over, and the essential oils she chose stayed with me all day.
M.Poeltl, Hamilton, Ontario

I found Bigelow Health through an organic program I was involved in. Through that I was able to participate in a wonderfully educational cooking class put on by Christina. It taught me a lot about nutrition and gave me so many amazing cooking tips for a healthier lifestyle. This class then lead me to her guided meditation classes. I had never done any type of meditation and was a bit intimidated. My very first experience was so awakening, I felt more alive and understanding of my life situations. I continue to be a client of Christina's and attend guided meditations when ever my schedule permits. I truly believe we meet people for a reason, Christina has help me transform into a more logical mindful being. I am so grateful to have met her. I have now added Reiki therapy to my healing and I am so pleased with the results. Thank you Christina for opening my eyes and allowing me to channel my negative energy in a more positive mindful manner. I would definitely recommend you and your practice to anyone interested in holistic healing.
Tami McFarlane, Stoney Creek, Ontario

When I met Christina Bigelow, I was in a very dark place. I had a lot of digestive issues and my body was covered in psoriasis. I had seen multiple doctors and was using 3 different steroid medications, which were not working, and in fact making me worse. I didn’t want to leave the house because of my appearance and was becoming more miserable everyday. Christina helped to heal my digestive issues and actually got me going to the washroom everyday, compared to the once every 10 days I used to go. After a few months my skin was clearing up and now I don’t even have a spot left. Now that my body is functioning properly again I can’t believe I lived so long with pain and discomfort, and am forever grateful for Christina guiding me through my healing process. She is a very kind soul, and genuinely cares about everyone she helps.
Sydney, Burlington, Ontario

I've been seeing Christina for about 3 months now. I was curious about Reiki therapy as I am a Cancer survivor twice over and have been delving into different types of practices for the body to help and aid with the healing and to continue staying free of the disease. The Reiki is interesting in that it also helps my mental and emotional well being which I never really thought of before as well as my physical well being. Christina is dedicated to her craft as well as concerned, thorough and focused on my health issues and questions. I have now started seeing her about my nutritional needs and also find her knowledgable in this area as well. She is inspirational and has a very positive side to her. She doesn't hesitate to "push" when she feels she needs to which many of us need but never seem to get !! I'm very satisfied with her overall caring and abilities and would gladly recommend her services....Thanks Christina !!
George Bolan, Hamilton, Ontario

Testimonial "Christina's passion and enthusiasm is well integrated into her practice of holistic health strategies and methods. In my time of getting to know Christina, she has displayed impeccable integrity and a strong will to continue to learn and grow in the industry. She is not only at the cutting edge of health practices, but her personal attention and drive to provide the best service to her clients is top notch."
Anthony Cheam, Burlington, Ontario.

I always got a bad pain in my left shoulder after a few months into my workout routine specifically shoulder press, forcing me to stop with my workouts for a few months. One night I ran into Christina doing a demo for Schinoussa at a health food store in Waterdown. She said that she could fix my shoulder pain with aromatherapy massage so I gave it a try. Originally I went for 2 massages a week. After the first week my shoulder pain was gone and after the second week, I was lifting heavier weights with no pain. Seven months later I am still lifting heavier and with no shoulder pain. I would definitely recommend Christina’s massage. Also she got me started on Schinoussa sea vegetables and probiotic whey. I have more energy and even better workouts. I feel the best I ever have. Thanks Christina.
Bob Snyder, Waterdown, Ontario

As a health professional with my own personal training and coaching business, Christina is the one I most often turn to for all health and wellness advice that is beyond my scope. Her in depth knowledge in holistic nutrition and energy work helps me both personally and professionally with my clients. But what sets her apart the most is the genuine care she shows those she works with. I am both proud and lucky to call Christina a friend and business partner.
Mace Freeman, NSCA-CPT - Push Performance


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