Energy Work

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be distributed or changed from one form to another. Since all living things are connected through universal life-force energy, your practitioner becomes a conduit for the transference of energy to remove blocks within your body. Removing these blocks allows for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

I've been seeing Christina for about 3 months now. I was curious about Reiki therapy as I am a Cancer survivor twice over and have been delving into different types of practices for the body to help and aid with the healing and to continue staying free of the disease. The Reiki is interesting in that it also helps my mental and emotional well being which I never really thought of before as well as my physical well being. Christina is dedicated to her craft as well as concerned, thorough and focused on my health issues and questions. I have now started seeing her about my nutritional needs and also find her knowledgable in this area as well. She is inspirational and has a very positive side to her. She doesn't hesitate to "push" when she feels she needs to which many of us need but never seem to get !! I'm very satisfied with her overall caring and abilities and would gladly recommend her services....Thanks Christina !!
George Bolan, Hamilton, Ontario

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